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M&S Express

Your Marble And Granite Slab Transportation Company

Since 1995, M&S Express has provided flatbed service in the lower 48 states. We specialized in Granite and Marble slab transportation. Weather its your precious stone, Onyx, Calacatta, Quartz we have qualified drivers to handle your material. 

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David A     Operations Manager European Marble & Granite  Salt Lake City UT”

“MS Express has been an amazing asset to our company for the last 4+ years. We have regular weekly shipments, secured loads, on time delivery, and extremely great customer service. Knowing that my shipments are safe is what keeps my company with MS Express".

***By the way Andrew, Ray and Saul Mark and Stephen and the best freight company ever.  I only use them and they have never let me down.  They are a great asset and you should keep their info for future freight deliveries of your own.  Thank you! 






Slabs are here!!! Thanks for doing a great job.  They are all in one piece.



Rocky Mountain Granite.